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Duncan's Priorities

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Creating Family Wage Jobs In Clark County

Our economy has been hit hard in the last couple years. Our small businesses need assistance to come out of this period open and ready to create living wage jobs throughout Clark County and the rest of the state.

Championing Our Public Schools

Bringing Health Care Expertise To Olympia

Our State Legislature has only a couple Representatives with hands-on experience in our health care. During this pandemic, we need more expertise to ensure our health policy is effective in managing the COVID-19 epidemic.

As we get through this pandemic, we need to get our students back on track. We need to prioritize strong math and science programs to ensure our kids are ready to compete in the global economy. 

Making Sure First Responders Can Do Their Jobs

The quality of patient care at my job starts with first responders. Reducing lengthy response times is critical to saving lives, so is getting emergency personnel the tools they need to do their jobs. Strengthening collaboration between all first responders and lawmakers is something we urgently need. 

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